Charles Wells: The Gambler

Charles Wells was a British roulette player who made news for all of his famous breaking of bank at Monte Carlo. It is reported that Wells broke open the bank 12 times in a single visit to Monte Carlo. The interesting thing about Wells is that he was an inventor who used the money to test and research his designs. There were also allegations that the money Wells used to win were due to frauds and gave rise to proposed explanations from a scheme brokered among casino employees.

Wells was a Rock Star in roulette as he used to win at the Roulette table in Monte Carlo. Wells visited the gambling hot spot regularly and attracted a lot of attention from the people due to his play. His winning streak ended and he started begging money from friends and was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for fraud. Wells died penniless in Paris but his suspected use f betting systems continue to confound authorities and gambling insiders.