The general public remain ignorant about Poker

Anyone involved in the world of poker will agree that the game takes skill – of course there is a luck based element to it as well, but there is without conceivable doubt skill involved, and a degree of responsibility and good practise can improve your game tenfold.

Public opinion affects the laws

And that’s the real problem here. Because poker is seen as little more than a gamble, with slots and blackjack apparently having the same amount of skill involved, therefore the laws are effected by the general opinion.

With the exception of card counters in blackjack, of course. Because that DOES take skill. If winning a game of poker was recognised widely as more than just a bit of luck, perhaps the people that play would command more respect within the general gaming and sports industry. But as it stands, the game of poker is seen as little more than random chance. And therefore, it remains illegal in 49 states, and online.

The experts disagree

Phil Hellmuth, American poker superstar and winner of 13 WSOP bracelets, claims that; “poker is 100% skill and 50% luck”.

This, however follows a very big headed comment where Hellmuth said, “If there weren’t luck involved I would win every time”. This was of course, after a WSOP Main Event in 2004, a poker match where he lost heavily.

The quote has carried on to become one of the most iconic and famous poker quotes of all time. When compared with a game such as chess, it does become clear the poker has an element of luck. But so does football. It’s lucky that the striker manages to hit the ball with his foot just right, it’s lucky that the goalie chooses the right side on the penalty.

No one is denying the skill involved, just because luck is present. Poker is clearly different when compared to other casino games like Roulette – there is an undeniable element of skill in professional players.

The final verdict?

Poker has remained a popular game for hundreds of years, and I think it’s totally fair to say that there is an element of luck to factor in. However, skill is also a big part of the game too. People continue to debate the topic, and a worthy case could be argued for both points of view. If you look at poker objectively, it is a game of applied probabilities - where statistics reign supreme, and incomplete information is the major challenge.

When looked at like this, it becomes obvious that poker is a game where both skill and luck factor in. And as previously mentioned that could be said for many sports. They may not rely on luck so intensively, but it is omnipresent.

If poker was all luck, there would not be the same players winning year after year at the WSOP. There would not be the formidable players that reign on Club PKR – everything would be completely random. Winners would be different every time if the game was down to luck alone.

So is poker skill or luck? You decide.

Online Poker Shops are Everywhere..

Online poker shops provide array of different items for people to choose. Several casinos offer their players some loyalty points, which the players can trade to purchase some items. The best thing about these shops is that the items are very inexpensive. This is mainly because these sites have great affiliate programs with the supplier, and receive great deals to pass along to the players online.

In poker shops, a person can easily find some of the best poker clothing. Items such as laptops, television sets and sports cars are also available on some of the poker shops. People can email the poker site directly to purchase the item that they want to buy.

Several online poker web sites offer player to trade their points for money or a bonus. This bonus or money is directly deposited in the account of the players. Whether you are a micro limit player or professional, the online poker shops please everyone as they have something for everyone.

Players can buy a lot of things on the poker sites, if they are willing to do a special deal with the site as the site will then provide them with the item of their choice. There are indeed many things to purchase on online poker sites, the only thing that the players need to do is select which item to buy.

Texas Hold’em Poker Training Software

It is not easy to become a professional Texas hold’em poker immediately. A player needs to have a lot of practice and needs to know everything about the game to make it big in the poker world. Thankfully, there is several training software, which help the player to get the appropriate training about the game.

The main thing about the training software is that it is designed in such a way that it helps the players to enhance their poker skills as well as provide entertaining challenges to the players by placing them against some of the professional computer opponents.

The software also has a calculator, which allows the players to select players and cards. The players can then try each of the cards and report back how many times the players lose, win or tie the hand. The poker training software is the best way to learn to play poker especially for beginners who are just starting out playing poker. This is because; the software helps them to play thousands of hands, which helps them to improve the game.

People looking to enhance their game can find a lot of different Texas hold’em poker training software on the Internet.

Charles Wells: The Gambler

Charles Wells was a British roulette player who made news for all of his famous breaking of bank at Monte Carlo. It is reported that Wells broke open the bank 12 times in a single visit to Monte Carlo. The interesting thing about Wells is that he was an inventor who used the money to test and research his designs. There were also allegations that the money Wells used to win were due to frauds and gave rise to proposed explanations from a scheme brokered among casino employees.

Wells was a Rock Star in roulette as he used to win at the Roulette table in Monte Carlo. Wells visited the gambling hot spot regularly and attracted a lot of attention from the people due to his play. His winning streak ended and he started begging money from friends and was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for fraud. Wells died penniless in Paris but his suspected use f betting systems continue to confound authorities and gambling insiders.

Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt going back to golf

Much to the loss of poker, one of the highly acclaimed poker players and teachers, Dusty ‘Leatherass’ Schmidt decided to return to his first love, golf. The poker star announced his decision on his blog last year and said that he will reduce his poker activities in 2012.

The poker star expressed his love for golf and said that it was important for him to be a member of PGA tour. The decision came against the backdrop of the player’s excellent run in the Idaho State Open.

Dusty is all set to attack the golf world in the same manner as he attacked the poker world. His main goal is to make it to the PGA or Nationwide tour. Whether or not Dusty makes it big in the golf world but the poker would definitely miss an excellent instructor who provided instructions to a host of poker players.

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