Loose-Aggressive Poker

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In modern times, loose-aggressive (LAG) strategy has been widely adopted by a number of online poker players and so far it has proved to be a hugely successful tactic in both desktop. The fundamental key to effective loose aggressive play is being able to pick the right opponent, so follow the advice below and find out how to do so.

Firstly, you must ensure that you visit the lobby of your chosen poker site and identify all the active tables at the limits you wish to play at. Pokertruths have a detailed guide on how to select the right stake limits if you’re unsure.

Then, make sure that you focus your attention on the “view-flop” percentage figure that is usually displayed near each table.

This percentage can be a solid indicator of the type of players at the table; a low number generally means that the competitors are likely to betight, whilst a higher number suggests that the play will be loose.

The view flop percentage may fluctuate depending on the number of seats available at the table and the number of users currently in-play. Generally speaking, a figure less than 30% on a full 9 or 10 seat table means that the play is tight.

Once you have identified the right felt, take some time to assess and weigh up your opponents because you still need to ensure that you play in position in order to win. It is particularly important to look out for any stacks that are a multiple of the maximum table buy-in because this move indicates that one or more of your opponentsmay be experienced and skilful.

Keep in mind that the main idea behind adopting a loose-aggressive approach is that tight players will only produce a short range of raising hands and won’t call often whilst you, the LAG player, will have a broader range of raising hands.

A common mistake many people make when trying to play LAG is trying to push players off pots before the flop. This method is short-sighted and although you may recoup a small profit at first, the better approach is to wait for signs of weakness post- flop and then bet out.

If you remain cautious of larger stacks, and only bet in position, playing aggressively against any tight player that appears to have missed the flop should yield a positive return. you can try it as well.

In certain situations, a conservative player may hit the flop but check or make a minimum bet in order to try and tempt you to over bet. However, with a decent range of starting hands, you should still be holding something worth playing so it won’t be a dead loss.

LAG play can be a hugely profitable strategy once you have practised enough but be sure to move tables often because you can be worked out quickly and then the approach becomes ineffective.

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