Loose-Aggressive Poker

In modern times, loose-aggressive (LAG) strategy has been widely adopted by a number of online poker players and so far it has proved to be a hugely successful tactic in both desktop. The fundamental key to effective loose aggressive play is being able to pick the right opponent, so follow the advice below and find out how to do so.

Firstly, you must ensure that you visit the lobby of your chosen poker site and identify all the active tables at the limits you wish to play at. Pokertruths have a detailed guide on how to select the right stake limits if you’re unsure.

Then, make sure that you focus your attention on the “view-flop” percentage figure that is usually displayed near each table.

This percentage can be a solid indicator of the type of players at the table; a low number generally means that the competitors are likely to betight, whilst a higher number suggests that the play will be loose.

The view flop percentage may fluctuate depending on the number of seats available at the table and the number of users currently in-play. Generally speaking, a figure less than 30% on a full 9 or 10 seat table means that the play is tight.

Once you have identified the right felt, take some time to assess and weigh up your opponents because you still need to ensure that you play in position in order to win. It is particularly important to look out for any stacks that are a multiple of the maximum table buy-in because this move indicates that one or more of your opponentsmay be experienced and skilful.

Keep in mind that the main idea behind adopting a loose-aggressive approach is that tight players will only produce a short range of raising hands and won’t call often whilst you, the LAG player, will have a broader range of raising hands.

A common mistake many people make when trying to play LAG is trying to push players off pots before the flop. This method is short-sighted and although you may recoup a small profit at first, the better approach is to wait for signs of weakness post- flop and then bet out.

If you remain cautious of larger stacks, and only bet in position, playing aggressively against any tight player that appears to have missed the flop should yield a positive return. you can try it as well.

In certain situations, a conservative player may hit the flop but check or make a minimum bet in order to try and tempt you to over bet. However, with a decent range of starting hands, you should still be holding something worth playing so it won’t be a dead loss.

LAG play can be a hugely profitable strategy once you have practised enough but be sure to move tables often because you can be worked out quickly and then the approach becomes ineffective.

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Bonuses – one of the reasons why you should gamble online

Are you fond of online casinos? Are you are person that enjoys the fair amount of adrenaline and the incredible feeling of satisfaction that online casinos provide? Or you are still exploring the possibilities that these gambling websites provide? In any case, you must learn more about the things that make Internet-based casinos so special.

Casino bonuses

For instance, let’s focus on the amazing casino bonuses. They are the main reason why you should gamble online. These bonuses are actually free money that any player can use. Obviously, this looks great and it is natural for people to be tempted to get money for free. So, these gambling websites are absolutely great, but if you want to increase your chances of winning, you must know everything about the bonuses and other options they provide. This can be a great advantage for any player.

So, online casinos usually provide first deposit bonuses. As the name suggests, this is a bonus that players get when they register at an online casino and place their first deposit. For many people, this is not exciting information, but the truth is that there are websites that provide an amazing 200% first deposit bonus. Obviously, the amount you can place for the first time is limited. In other words, you cannot expect to deposit $100.000 and get $100.000 for free. They usually offer this kind of bonus to people that invest a few hundred dollars for the first time.

It is good to point out that sometimes this percentage can determine the limit. What we are trying to say is that casinos that are offering 100% first deposit bonus usually have higher limits. Take some time and consider all the aspects before you make the final decision. Sometimes, it’s better to get more money even if the deposit is higher.

While we are talking about first deposit bonuses and bonuses in general, it’s worth mentioning that there are special rules when it comes to withdrawal. In many cases, online casinos have special regulations that let players withdraw their bonuses as real money, but only if they use these bonuses in casino games. Typically, the higher the bonus is the more times you will have to put this bonus money in play. This is something that you should take into consideration too.

The loyalty bonus is important to passionate players. Namely, due to the fact that the competition in the world of online gambling is strong, many casinos on the Internet are offering special loyalty bonuses to their existing players. Even though they come in different forms, the essence is that they are offering bonuses to people for playing more. After spending a certain amount of money, no matter if you were able to win or you were not lucky enough, the casino will provide free money. Once again, you will need to use this money a few times before it is available for withdrawal.

We hope that these bonuses will encourage you to give online casinos a try.


Cheating in Online Poker: Is it Possible ?

Cheating when playing poker refers to any behavior outside the rules. It is intended to give an unfair advantage to one or a group of players. Playing online poker has allowed new methods of cheating to come into play as well. One way for example, through which players can cheat in poker on the Internet, is with bots.

The use of bots in winning is not guaranteed but their use in poker is highly debated as it violates the rules of some of the online poker rooms. Hence, if you use bots, you are cheating. The other way through, which players can cheat in the online poker games, is through collusion. This technique is relatively easy and difficult to spot. However, the players need to execute this well to hide it from the opponents. To use collusion, some players use two computers to play multiple hands at a single table.

Apart from these two, there is also another way of cheating known as the multi- accounting where players register several accounts and facilitate chip dumping or take help of well-known players to play incognito.

It is important to know that cheating is considered highly unethical not just in poker but in any game. Therefore, if you want to experience the real fun and excitement of the game, and if you don't want to go to jail, it is important for you to learn the strategies of the game to get an advantage over the opponents, without cheating.

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Heads – up tournament as purest form of online poker games

One word that has changed the dawn of computer world is “online poker games.” Here player can play online for real money. Online poker games websites are regularly organizing big tournaments for skilled poker players. Winning cash amount is also huge for registered players. There are many reasons why online poker games industry is becoming immensely popular. First of all, overhead costs and extra expenses are almost nil in case of online poker games. There is no sign up fees that attracts plenty of players for the online poker websites.

Few websites are offering attractive bonus schemes to attract novice players. Sometime there are chances of fraud when you are playing online. In this situation, it is a better option to make a deal with secure websites. Greater the security, larger will be the number of signups. Another best thing about internet poker is that you can check detailed statistics of your play. You can keep a check on your performance and modify accordingly. Further, Online poker games are divided into multiple categories and different players has different opinion regarding each category. According to Jason, Heads – up poker tournament is purest form of poker.

Jason is taken as wonderful poker player in the gambling history. He has made number of final tables till now. He has also participated in plenty of WSOP and EPT poker tournaments. But from the last six months, he is focused for most skilled form of online poker games. Heads – up is taken as purest form of online poker games as players are not protected there. Recently he explained that he is more interested in heads - up tournaments instead of participating in simple online poker games events. Heads – up demands for more skills and it is a very challenging game.

Suppose you are paying a ring game with ten people around then you have to use some poker tricks to come at the top and stay protected. You can learn these poker tricks online or you can take help from experts. We will advise you to practice Heads – up tournament online. Within few months, you will be an expert in the heads – up poker field. For getting an extensive coaching from legend poker pro, you can contact personally. Koon is the other popular name in the heads – up poker world. He has played plenty of big poker events whose wining amount was more than $3 million.

Koon has recently given a statement that he wanted to proof himself as a heads – up winner only and he is putting his all efforts to achieve this aim. Finally, he was lucky that he doesn’t have to fight much to become a winner. According to Koon, the game has changed dramatically from last few months. Initially, Koon was not able to adapt with the changes but now he could say that these changes are done for the better. You just have to read about the changes closely at online poker games capability and try to understand them deeply.