For those looking to get involved in the fun and excitement of an online casino but are a little unsure of how things work then it can be a daunting task and especially with so many issues nowadays that involve security threats, scams and other nefarious methods of stealing your personal data. It’s a simple process to sign-up to one of many online casinos but knowing which are the most reputable and offer the best services will involve a little research beforehand. And you’ll certainly want to make sure you’re making the right decision before you hand over your credit card information and make that first deposit.

There are many review sites online that provide all the relevant information regarding the majority of the most popular online casinos around. Most of these sites have been screened to determine if they are legitimate operators and whether they can be trusted and recommended to new potential customers. One of the main aspects of this is determining which casino-based software platforms the sites themselves use. Major casino software companies issue software licensing to these sites so there most popular games can be played via the online platform and so it’s crucial that the sites in question are trustworthy and genuine in order for them to be associated and allow their software to be used.

Aside from the confidence gained from an operator’s relationship with their software development partners it’s also important for casino operators to abide by any relevant gaming and gambling laws and restrictions applicable by their country of operation. Check on the site itself whether there are specific conditions and jurisdictions noted or represented and ensure that its license information is listed, accurate and up to date. Typically reputable sites will provide these details on their homepage as well as a link to any relevant authorities and to their official license registrations showing which of their services are currently active or inactive.

Before you decide to learn how to play roulette online or want to familiarise yourself with one of the many great slot games you can find on trustworthy sites it’s crucial for you to have confidence in the operator to ensure you don’t get scammed. One of the best ways for you to gain confidence in a site is by seeking out sites with longevity and a history of online presence. Sites that have been around for some time that have already established themselves and proven their intentions within the industry and regularly advertise in national media, such as on television or in popular magazines and newspapers, are likely to be the most reliable and responsible online casinos around and the perfect place for you to start your online casino experience.


The virtual world of online poker has seen some of the biggest payouts to date including some of the most exciting up and downs in poker history. From the millions and millions in online cash winnings just a handful of players have managed to pull in the largest pots to date have accumulated more than $50 million between them. Here are 5 of the biggest winners in the history of online poker.



American pro poker player Phil Ivey (AKA the Tiger Woods of Poker) currently sits aloft the table of the biggest online poker winners of all time. He’s one of the finest players in the world and has pulled in an incredible $19,242,743 in winnings to date, nearly $8 million more than his nearest competitor. What’s more incredible is that he’s done it in just 319,285 hands.



Coming in behind Ivey is Finnish star Patrik Antonius who has managed to accumulate $11,315,548 from playing just over 500,000 hands. The 35 year-old former tennis player and coach turned pro and he hasn’t looked back since. Picking up some impressive pots on Full Tilt Poker including the biggest ever online win at the time against Viktor Blom in 2009 where he profited $1,356,946.



In the third spot sits Dan Cates, better known by his poker handle “JungleMan12”. The 26-year old has had plenty of ups and downs in his career but thanks to his aggressive style of play he has notched up an impressive $10,270,847 in online profits from 394,738 hands. Cates prefers online gambling at Red Flush casino and other online casinos as opposed to the live tournaments so he can enjoy regular online tournaments each and every month to build up his profits.



Di Dang, AKA Urindanger, is one of two brothers who have been picking up substantial winnings over the years. Along with his sibling Hac Dang the two both shared a bankroll and soon began to see plenty of success at the tables which helped Di amass $7,411,127 in profits from 680,702 hands.




In March 2010 Marylander Phil Galfond won a huge $1.6 million prize pot against Viktor Blom. To date he has amassed $6,599,838 from 645,553 hands and it’s a target he has worked extremely hard to reach by putting in plenty of effort. Galfond has been picking up and churning out wins even since which has helped turn his small beginnings into notable profits.

The game of blackjack: play with ease at the best Casinos

Playing blackjack these days can be a lot of fun and with no much hassle as well. Back in the day, you needed to go to a local casino, sit at a table, and start go head to head with the dealer. Now while its always fun to go to a local casino and play, it is not accessible to most people. (Unless you live in Vegas, Atlantic City, or near a Local Casino), and that’s exactly why playing Blackjack online is such a great options and is such a popular game.

Since the internet has been invented, it created a revolution in almost every aspect of our lives and playing blackjack is no difference. All you need to do is find a reputable and honest site, sign up and start enjoying the game. Off course, finding the right site is not always as easy. An online site that offers casino games has great responsibility to its users, especially when you talk about other people money. It can be very frustrating to win a game, only to have problem later with withdrawal or with customer service issues, users experience and many other factors. That’s is why it is crucial to do it correctly.

Sites like ours, for instance is a great example for playing blackjack at a great place, where users is the top priority. A d site will have a guide for beginners, to learn the rules of blackjack, the ins and outs and everything in between, including strategies, tournaments, bonus money, and off course, the ability to play on the go with your mobile device, and to continue your winnings (hopefully) even when not at home, or in front of your computer.

While getting the hang of Blackjack seems simple at first, it has many nuances that needs to be implemented in order for a players to come up on top. The best way to do it is to play, and play as many as you can. With each game a player is gaining more experience, and can have the confidence of playing for higher amounts of money. This takes time and focused, but the last thing you to do is to play at a crappy site, that will only interrupt your game, instead of helping you, with great platform and hub.

The bottom line is, as in any other niche, blackjack games can be extremely fun and enjoyable, as long as you play the game in the right place. It is not always easy to distinguished one good site from the next, and so users experience plays a big rule here. Every site you are thinking of playing, has reviews you can find online. The good ones and the bad ones will have plenty of reviews and opinions, and so off course, if you'll read good reviews by many players, it is safe to assume you can go ahead and play in it, but do it with care. Don't bet big, just sing up and get a feel for the site. Soon enough you will find if it worth keep playing in it, or just move on to a better one. After all, there are thousands of sites that offer the blackjack game.

Meet the Mobile Casino Detectives doing the Digging

If you’ve ever struggled to find the right mobile casino or the latest game release for your iPhone or Android handset, you’re not alone. It’s a market that’s overcrowded, loaded with information and infested with competition. So much so that brands can sometimes appear identical, games feel similar and bonus offers look oh so familiar. So what’s the way around not knowing where to look? Who is looking out for our interests, the player, and does anyone dig deeper than we do?

The good news is that some people do dig deeper, in this case, a team of mobile casino detectives that classify and rate slots, games and welcome bonuses for the benefit of the player. If you’ve ever joined a mobile casino, you might have just rushed to the subscription page without looking that little bit closer, this is the magic of mobile slot review sites, or as we call them, the mobile casino detectives. So what are they looking for, that we “the player” takes for granted.

Mobile casino experts analyse first, play second, and by doing this; they’ll pick up on certain results that will help populate the rating score. They look for mobile slots and games variety, the facility to use Boku pay by mobile or phone bill methods for banking and general website design. Getting around a mobile casinos infrastructure is important, how simple are the terms and conditions and how difficult are the wagering requirements. You can be thankful that we have mobile casino detectives doing all of this for us, finding the answers, and locking away the bad sites so we don’t get to see them.

Celebrity showdown of Texas Hold’em Poker

Poker tournaments especially the Texas Hold’em Poker tournaments are a rage among celebrities. Celebrities such as sports persons, Hollywood stars and politicians are all into playing Texas Hold’em Poker.

Some of the celebrities who regularly indulge in games of Texas Hold’em poker include Tennis star Andy Roddick, actor Jennifer Tilly, former Spiderman Tobey Maguire and others. These celebrities mostly participate in events such as the World Series of Pokerm which also know as wsop, No-limit Texas Holdem Poker tournaments and other tournaments.

The number of celebrities indulging in Texas Hold’em poker is increasing at a faster rate. The celebrities play the game as a way to relax and unwind but the competitive aspect of the game serves as a temptation for the celebrities to play the game. The celebrities use their acting skills to the best use as they are able make some good old poker face.