Baccarat Online – 5 tips to help you improve your game

Baccarat is a popular card game in which players must bet on who they think will win each hand and not a specific number.  It’s ages old and has featured throughout history as one of the most played games of chance.  It’s transition into online casinos was extremely well received and these days you can play many different types of baccarat online, including live casino versions complete with a live dealer.  The most popular variants are made by game designers such as Microgaming, Rival and Betsoft however you can find some updated versions of baccarat made by new developers like Play’N GO and Real Time Gaming.  For some great free baccarat games check out, they have most of the popular baccarat variants by all the best casino software providers.  These types of free games are great to practise on before playing baccarat online for real money.

As a beginner you can be forgiven for thinking the game is super easy because in essence it is but like all games of chance the reality is that it’s a more complex casino game than at first glance and it requires players to really engage themselves while playing.  There are many self-styled gurus and resources who will try to sell you miracle solutions to win at baccarat and especially at baccarat online.  What we offer here is a reality check, and while some might seem obvious, we bet you don’t always remember the obvious things in the heat of the moment, so we prepared a little strategy refresher for you.  Here’s 5 tips to help improve your baccarat game… 

#1. Always play baccarat at the online casino where you find the lowest house edge

When you play baccarat online at any online casino the average house edge is about 1.5% which is still quite low relatively.  In an ideal world and as with all games of chance, the idea is to make as much money as possible while limiting your losses as much as possible.  In order to maximise the possibility of big wins and your chances overall, you should keep a list of a small selection of online casinos where the house edge is most favourable and switch regularly between each, even playing multi screen if needed.  This way you max out your chance to increase your winnings. 

#2. When playing baccarat online, try as much as possible to not bet on the draw

In baccarat you have a choice of 3 different bets.  Firstly, you can wager on the players hand, second the bankers hand and third a draw between the player and the banker.  Most novice players think that betting on the draw is a good bet, 8-1 odds after all do look attractive.  When playing baccarat online your best friend is your brain and players who think critically realize that wagering a draw has only a 1 in 30 chance of landing and also increases the house edge up by 14%.  With this in mind you can see that a bet on the draw is not as attractive as it seemed at first. 

#3. Don’t forget to bet on the banker’s hand as part of your baccarat game strategy

Most gamblers tend to forget about wagering the bankers hand as part of their baccarat game strategy and with a payout of 1:1 it’s understandable.  The smart player will from time to time bet on the banker’s hand.  Statistically this bet usually counts for around 10% of a player’s average winnings but when playing baccarat online it is actually more likely to land than both the players hand and the draw.  Wagering on the hand of bank actually affords you 45% chance of winning so make sure to throw a few into your betting rotation. 

#4. Set a budget before playing baccarat online and stick to it, always gamble responsibly

It goes with out saying that when you’re playing baccarat online the idea is to win more money than you lose.  With that said you are still gambling even if it is lots of fun and you must remember that when you play baccarat online, real money can be lost as a result.  Our top tip is to set yourself an upper limit before you play and stick firmly to it.  If you lose it all then you must be first comfortable with losing the money but second intelligent enough to know when to stop.  This tactic also helps stop players from making irrational bets too. 

#5. Have Fun and enjoy yourself, playing baccarat online is a great form of entertainment!

Although not really a tip to win, you will find you have more productive and fun gambling sessions by playing the variants you enjoy the most.  Take time to choose the right environment, download the baccarat game rules and study them, play different versions to see what you like and dislike.  You can even play mini baccarat online for free on some websites so keep an eye out for that excellent game type.  Most sites and online casinos will allow you to play for free in your internet browser while some require you select a baccarat game, download the software and play from your desktop.  These days you can even play baccarat online via mobile casino, with many online casinos offering instant play via smartphone and tablet. 

How you choose to play baccarat online is totally up to you, just make sure to follow our tips to maximise your game time, and remember… be smart and be lucky!