Terms to Know when Playing Slots Online

Gambling for fun and money is a top reason players choose golden slots casino to play slots, video slots and 3-reel slots, among other slots online. And if you’ll play with reliable websites, you will make serious money and at the same time experience non-stop fun in slots gambling. But if you’re a newbie in slots, you may want to know the basic terms when playing on the web. This is the exact same reason a guide is created for you. Check out the following for your reference.


Both Slot Machines & Online Slots Use Random Number Generator


Physical casinos and web casinos make use of an RNG, a computer program that uses an algorithm in choosing numbers in a random manner. The reel stops when a symbol or number is chosen by the slot. Also, remember that there is no slot machine or slot game that has a payout cycle or one that is being due to hit. Provided you are dealing with a legit mobile casino online, you won’t have to worry because the game outcomes are 100% random.


So after learning that slots in the physical and online venues produce random results, it is time that you learn about the most important terms when playing slot games on golden slots casino. Being prepared and knowledgeable is one of the main weapons you need in order to maximize your games. Let’s begin.


Flat Top, Basic or Straight Slots

They have a fixed or constant to jackpot payout, meaning it does not change no matter how much the game is played.


Multiplier Slots

They can pay for certain numbers or symbols using a graduating scale. For example, you will get five coins for a symbol playing a coin.  So if you played using maximum coins, the payout is bigger—that’s a multiplier slot.


Bonus Multiplier Slots

These games offer larger jackpot prizes at stake, providing players an incentive for playing with the maximum number of coins.


The bonus multiplier slot machines are using in finding out whether a player qualifies for a bonus or not. You may win the bonus offered in one machine if you have played the maximum, but not if you play under it.


Pay Lines

One is an imaginary line that will determine where to match the symbols. And when you do match the numbers or symbols on that line, you will get the payout for that particular spin. [Standard machine has only one pay line; multi-line machine has multiple pay lines, which may be diagonal, vertical or horizontal].



This is a term used in the golden slots casino to indicate that an employee of the casino has to re-fill the machine with the coins.  But today, most casinos do not payout using coins anymore. Instead, they usually print a paper indicating a player’s winning.



It indicates the slot playing time accumulated by a gambler. This kind of information is generally monitored on the player’s club card that is available in many casinos.


Big Hit

It indicates that a player hits the jackpot combination.



It is one of the best features of slot games that include free spins and symbols or wild cards.


Bet Max

It is the credit number on a particular game that one can bet for a spin and is a button on one game/machine that lets a player bet the max number of units or credits allowable per spin on a particular machine or game. The highest amount for payouts is determined for the bet max spins.


There you have the basic slot terms to remember when playing golden slots casino online, but this list isn’t exhaustive and does not comprise all the slot terms. If you’re new to slot gaming, do your homework and remember the slot terms included here. ist isn’t exhaustive and does not comprise all the slot terms. If you’re new to slot gaming, do your homework and remember the slot terms included here.